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//First started with drawing some kind of human beings reminding of fat balloons in kindergarden, with the Pokémon-boom 1999 I've lost control over my art. The asian animated series told me to forget about becoming an old-fashioned artist in Paris and start to love the manga. Now I'm working on my own webcomic series and going to study game design in Berlin.

Hi, I'm Stady One!

Tue Dec 15, 2015, 12:31 PM

Hey, nice to meet you.

Really. I'm glad about the chance to introduce myself to you.

I'm an artist from Germany, illustrator, artist of sequential art (comic) and author.
Life teached me the abilities to write, to draw and to communicate through pictures.

Please lean back, in a few seconds I'll tell you something about my projects and goals – And here we go!
Hr by stadyone


The beginning

I draw since I was born. No – that's a lie. But like many others, I started to draw at kindergarden. One of my first drawings were people – for real – I started to draw my mum, my dad, my grandpa and grandma ... actually all people who surrounded me the most at this time. Of course my paintings were not perfect. I wish, I have old drawings from this time I could show you: these people I draw – they looked hilarious! Big, baldy, fat balloons → their body, their head at once. From these balloon-bodies they spread their legs and arms out: The legs just sticks x the arms, sticks with other 5 sticks at the end and every stick of these five had a point at the end. The arms looks like frog arms. I draw them and show them my parents, my relatives and told them: "This is mama, this is papa, this my sister, ..." ........ actually, they looked all the same. They had just different sizes.^^


Yeah, the elementary school was the time where real shit happened. I think it was 1999? Pokémon in Germany. Man~, the kids in my class went crazy about this stuff. And me too. Of course, I played the blue edition, but to draw them (Pokémons) was a lot more exciting. And you hadn't to wait long and the other animes followed the way from Japan into German tv. I loooved'hem! I loved them all! And I wanted to draw them all! I always imagined me when I was a kid, I'll become a old fashioned artist in Paris standing at the river Seine with my easel and my Basque beret and draw the whole day with oil paint – but the Anime showed me a different way of art. At this time I wanted to become a true Mangaka ... the best Mangaka on earth! (and the greates artist on earth).


Time passed by and I met a lot of and different people. I worked on many, different projects, had a lot of talks and followed a bunch of great artists. I visited art courses, tried different styles and revised my own art again and again – and I'm still doing it. I'm still learning. And I still want to become the greatest artist on earth ... albeit in a different way. I want to be Stady, Stady One. I hope you understand what I mean. I'm here now and I'm curious where I'll lead the way. Do you wanna join me on my journey? C'mon, I have a seat for you.

Wale Platinum by stadyone

Hr by stadyone

Sequential Art

One of my biggest favors was always to tell stories through pictures. I mean ... hand-drawings were may only way to leave messages for my parents (when I was a kid in the kindergarden).
Now I use my mobile phone to send them my messages – but the love to tell with pictures has remained. And I'm planing great things. One of my life-projects is: Quest Runners.

Quest Runners

The beginning

QR evolved slowly in the highschool and broke out at the 24h-Comic-Day in Leipzig, Germany. That was the beginning of Quest Runners. Now I'm working on a web comic and a print comic of QR.
I'm working on the world of QR, their planet, their nations, their history – their creation of life. I'm writing scripts, books, manuals | draw and design creatures, clothes, cities, weapons | and of course stories I want you to tell.


So I'm working on a web version of the QR comic, I need a place where I can present ya the comic. There are many sites to choose; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tapastic, many other different comic sites and of course DevianArt. But ... these all sites don't satisfy me. I feel I need something own. My own house in the web. So started to learn Html, CSS and JavaScript and working on my own homepage for Quest Runners.

Print book

Through all the years I kept visiting conventions with my artist mate Ming-Hatsu ( as exhibitor. We exhibit under the name NEXT DIeMENSION ... we sold stuff like our projects, but I've never sold my stuff. So I make a change here. I'm planing (and already work on) a print comic book of Quest Runners. I'll continue exhibit on conventions – but now as Stady One – and sell high-class QR comic books. That'll going to be awesome!

Envolving the world

Of course the world is not ready yet. It going to be an epic full documentated world with different nations, plants and creatures, cultures and mysteries. I write down all these stuff in text documents and hide it as references for my stories. One day I'll make something like a compendium ... a lot of work, isn't it?

Short stories

Quest Runners is the main but not the only thing I want to tell. From time to time I take a break and tell you other short stories about different things and ideas that borders me. I have a lot of cool plots waiting for me to be drawn. The future will show how I'll publish them – whether as web comics or printed books. In the past I started with these little stories my profession as a comic artist (or artist of sequential art). The most of them are in my mother tongue and deleted from the web. But maybe I'll upload them again someday. Let's see.

Qr Cover by stadyone

Hr by stadyone

Other projects

So ... let's keep in mind: I work daily on my illustration skills, work on different stories and draw them, envolve every day my fantasy world, write scripts and have to learn Html, CSS, JavaScript and how to print things right.
Additional to all these things, I enjoy different social community sites (for example I'm writing a blog post on DeviantArt now), twitter some sh*t, blog and reblog on Tumblr and pin some cool stuff on Pinterest. And I have additional projects like designing a board game or open my first art store in a few months. I make animations and I have to work of course. There are plenty much building sites I manage – but I enjoy it. :)

Hr by stadyone

Finally a lot of work but it'll happen a lot of cool stuff too in the future.
I'm building something crazy with Stady One and Quest Runners.

Be a part of my world, be ready for Stady.


Toon Stady

Links & Social Media:

Webpage | Instagram | Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | Ello

Self portrait | I best self portrait back in the days. XD
I was very satisfied about the chibi look and the colors. I like orange and blue.^^

Licence: CC: BY-NC [u can use it!]

Check out!

  Toon Stady Avatar by stadyone  

Stadyone-patreon by stadyoneStadyone-cklick-here-anim-down by stadyone 
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Links & Social Media:

Webpage | Instagram | Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | Ello

Animation Frame | This is a female from the folk of the dryads of my Quest Runners
webcomicseries. I tried out this perspective and let it look like a frame from an anime ... like of an opening
or something like that. I think it's cool. :D

Licence: CC: BY-NC [u can use it!]

Stadyone-patreon by stadyoneStadyone-cklick-here-anim-down by stadyone 
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